John Need

Filming, Editing, Sound & Drones

Films, Editing, Sound & Drones

Whether you’re after a simple explainer film, a series of interviews with B-roll footage to better explain your products and services, drone aerial footage thrown in for good measure, or giffs, stop-motion or time-lapse clips for your content campaign for social media platforms, we can do it all.

We also write, perform and record all the original music so you don’t end up with standard stock tunes playing throughout your film.

A phone call and a meeting is the best starting point and we’ll immerse you into the film making process as much as you wish to be.

Video and filmmaking is now considered vital if you’re a business.

The days of just having photos are sadly over.

I’m not meaning to sound all doom and gloom but the reality of having static images on your website will still work, but if you want more engagement with potential new customers, video is vital.

Even if you have small talking heads pop-vox interviews with b-roll footage of your office space, this will let people know more about you, show transparency and increase trust.

We use the Canon R5 camera which shoots up to 8K (4K is all we’ll ever need unless we’re shooting for Marvel) with broadcast-quality microphones, lights, and teleprompters.

We usually to shoot at 23.98fps but happy to work in other frame rates should you already have an established look and feel.


We tend to shoot in a format known as Log, a logarithmic tone curve that produces footage with extra dynamic range for easier colour grading to give the overall final film, a professional look.

We are Civil Aviation Authority Certified Drone pilots, which means we can capture aerial footage to create very cinematic establishing shots, as well as doing all our editing in Final Cut pro and Adobe Premier Pro.

As well as filming, lighting, audio recording, flying drones and editing, we can also compose music to sit underneath the film and create a bespoke brand for you. Music is so readily available but the issue with it, is so many other companies use the same piece of music, and that piece of music on a stock site, might have been purchased 200 times that day, so it creates less unique content. 

Subtitling is the final stage and we encourage you, to be involved as much or as little as you wish to be to create a story arch that truly represents your business, your people and culture.