John Need

Photographer Edinburgh

There are Lots of photographers in Edinburgh, I know, so why me? I’ve got one of ‘those’ awards, internationally published with a professional studio in Edinburgh’s Summerhall. I work with global brands and local companies. I’ve arranged shoots with major international brands such as GoogleYouTubeH&M, Universal Studios, GAP, M&S, Moroccan OilPrudential & Johnnie Walker. Scotland based such as the EICCThe Royal Edinburgh Military TattooThe National Trust for ScotlandQMile,  & more.

Commercial Photographer Edinburgh

I work with global and local businesses such as GAP Clothing, Marks & Spencer, Uber, Jack Daniels, Martini, Google, YouTube, Disney, NHS Scotland, Perth University, Edinburgh University, The Royal College of Surgeons, The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo, Sennheiser, Leica.

Events Photographer Edinburgh


An event’s specialist focusing on large scale events, whether you have 5000 or 25 delegates, I provide full coverage. Podium shots, group shots, awards, branding, printing, on-site uploading for immediate release and use on Social Media and future Marketing.

I’ve photographed Heads of State, RT Honourable’s and Royalty.

Every event has specific timings and demands, some simply need to be documented.

A photo booth works for some but candid pictures, interactive networking pictures seems to be standard.

Since March 2020, Covid-19 has had an unprecedented effect on events, and so many jobs and lives in the events industry has been affected. I’m hoping events will return soon and when it’s safe to do so, so I’m leaving the events section live to reflect that I am an events photographer and in the hope, they return soon.

Business Portrait Photographer Edinburgh

Business portrait photography includes corporate “meet the team” portraits, LinkedIn and more. Each shoot is carried out with a relaxed approach based on listening to your requirements rather than directing you into an unnatural state. I might give you some direction but the essence of the photograph is you and your personality.

Fashion Photographer Edinburgh

Fashion photography is always exciting and demanding, allowing me to push the boundaries of creative lighting and direction. Usually the client provides me with a brief or a theme to start with, and we develop and storyboard this together.

I can help you source models and locations, and I can also provide a team of make-up artists I regularly work with. My studio in Summerhall offers a warm, intimate space for smaller-scale shoots, with adjoining changing and toilet facilities and a cafe on the premises.

Filmmaker Edinburgh

Whether you’re after a simple explainer film, a series of interviews with B-roll footage to better explain your products and services, drone aerial footage thrown in for good measure, or giffs, stop-motion or time-lapse clips for your content campaign for social media platforms, we can do it all.

We also write, perform, and record all the original music so you don’t end up with standard stock tunes playing throughout your film.

A phone call and a meeting is the best starting point and we’ll immerse you into the film making process as much as you wish to be.

Drones Edinburgh

Whether you’re after surveying or showcasing your property, capturing a corporate event, or adding cinematic footage to your films and videos, aerial photography and video add that special perspective that produces professional results that make a difference. We also write, perform, and record original music so you don’t end up with standard stock tunes playing throughout your film. A phone call and a meeting is the best starting point and we’ll immerse you into the filmmaking process as much as you wish to be.







A UK wide service. Call today to see if I cover your area.