John Need

Fraser Edwards

I’ve worked with Fraser for about 8 years now I think and it’s always an awesome day. Normally we aim to shoot two music videos in a day and shoot stills during breaks. An insanely talented guitarist, composer and all-around ace chap.  Go and check him and some of the videos we’ve made over the […]

Danny Bhoy

Portrait Photography - Comedian Danny Bhoy

Promo shots for Edinburgh comedian, Danny bhoy. Various locations and a studio shoot spread over a couple of days. The purpose of these was to be used for various tour posters, and adverts. ©JohnNeedMediaLtd

Lori Davidson – Dancer


Lori was after a selection of different looks for new dancer headshots for her portfolio. Here’s one from the session.

Acting Headshots

Acting Headshots Edinburgh

Leo’s up-to-date performer shots were taken pre lockdown but this is a prime example of how we can create outdoor, socially distanced shots. Today, the English Government announce a 1-meter+ social distance guideline, but we’re much happier staying beyond the 2-meter rule in order to prevent close contact. Call for more info.

Acting Headshots

First actor’s head shot of the year with Amy Ross. Amy’s off to an audition with Disney on Tuesday and needed up to date shots and quick! Best of luck, Amy and let us know if you get it.