Danny Bhoy

Comedian Danny Bhoy

Promo shots for Edinburgh comedian, Danny bhoy. Various locations and a studio shoot spread over a couple of days. The purpose of these was to be used for various tour posters, and adverts. ©JohnNeedMediaLtd

Skerryvore Asset Management

Business Photography Edinburgh

A very relaxed business shoot with the team at Skerryvore. Group and individual portraits were taken in the office in Charlotte Sq, Edinburgh.

Austrian Government

John Need photographer Scotland

Portrait photography was commissioned by the Austrian Embassy in London to cover meetings of the President of the Austrian Federal Council Mr Peter Raggl (second left) on a visit to Edinburgh to exchange ideas with representatives of the Scottish Parliament and Government.



Multiple portrait shots were taken for Nasim for various uses. Blog, business page, Linked-In, attaching to papers, use for conferences, etc. Here’s one from the session. Shot at my studio in Summerhall.

Acting Headshots

Acting Headshots Edinburgh

Leo’s up-to-date performer shots were taken pre lockdown but this is a prime example of how we can create outdoor, socially distanced shots. Today, the English Government announce a 1-meter+ social distance guideline, but we’re much happier staying beyond the 2-meter rule in order to prevent close contact. Call for more info.

John Mccann

Traverse 50 Portrait

Playwright, John Mccann. Shot on my Hasselblad 500cm.

Dentist, Josh Rowley.

Josh wanted something a little different for his shoot, so we turned the lights down.

Bea Johnson – Zero Waste Home

I had about 10 seconds to photograph Bea at a recent conference. Bea’s story is pretty incredible. If you don’t know it, have a look at her site, ZeroWasteHome.  The jar on the table is her entire family of four’s waste, for one year. All Rights Reserved ©JohnNeed 2017