John Need

Circularity Capital

I’ve worked with Circularity Capital for about 2 years now, have a made a couple of films, and photographed pretty much the entire team. Here’s a refreshed team shot for their website.

Fraser Edwards

I’ve worked with Fraser for about 8 years now I think and it’s always an awesome day. Normally we aim to shoot two music videos in a day and shoot stills during breaks. An insanely talented guitarist, composer and all-around ace chap.  Go and check him and some of the videos we’ve made over the […]

Headshot photography

Edinburgh-based Psychiatrist, David Crocker wanted a selection of different shots to use for web and print. We did the classic white background as well as some other textures. This way you get more bang for your buck from a shoot and end up with a number of different looks you can then drip-feed across multiple […]


Edinburgh Whisky Photographer Scotland

Shooting glass can be tricky. Whisky is a pleasure. Don’t get me wrong, depending on the label it can be a nightmare, as shiny gold and shimmery labels are a big thing now. Backdrops and foregrounds, ice cubes, perfect pour, shadow angles and all, so finding complimentary colours and lighting always help. Here’s one for […]

Liam Ross Jewellery

Asked by the Liam Ross of William Street in Edinburgh, to capture a number of his recent works.


One of a series of headshots we did for Accenture at their Edinburgh office.

Harrods Beauty

I’ve been shooting with Harrods Beauty in Edinburgh’s St James Quarter for nearly a year now but never posted one of their cocktails. So here’s a Caroline Herrera from the Champagne Bar.


Event Photography Edinburgh

Having worked with WeAreMVI pre-Covid in Edinburgh, we were asked to join them in Bilingsgate, London for their MI Awards. Two of us on site for this with one shooting the stange and the other the winners with a studio set up.

AIJA – International Association of Young Lawyers

A packed 4-day event at Edinburgh’s Sheraton Grand with post-meeting events at Edinburgh Castle, The Signet Library and The National Museum of Scotland. Panel meetings, networking and, as AIJA said, a chance to change the World.

Alex Brooker for Channel 4 – Hobby Man

One of the many stills from the day of Alex Brooker and Scarlett Moffatt for Chanel 4s Hobby Man. We started in Loch Leven, Fife, and then back over to Edinburgh for an afternoon of chess. The standard with TV stills is to just stay out of the way of the crew, help if asked, […]